'Batman v Superman' Effects Reel Shows How Much of the Movie Was CGI

Warner Bros. Pictures

Batman v Superman was a dark movie — not just because of the grim and gritty plot, but the actual film was visually overcast and dimly lit. It’s a shame, because the perpetual cinema-twilight made it hard to see some of the detailed visual effects that talented animators worked so hard on. On Wednesday, Director Zack Snyder shared a 12-minute-long behind the scenes compilation that showed off how some of the VFX in the movie came together.

The video also revealed just how much of what viewers saw on the big screen wasn’t real.

There are some obvious special effects — the only narrated part of the video explains how animators painstakingly created the goop and slime that drips from the clearly CGI monster Doomsday during the film’s conclusion — but what’s really interesting is the more subtle visual enhancements. The dust and debris in Batman’s desert “Knightmare” vision is just an effect, for instance.

See, guys? They didn't actually set Henry Cavill on fire.Warner Bros. Pictures.

It’s worth a watch, because even as it’s easy to hate on directors who rely on green screens too much (lookin’ at you, the Star Wars prequels), it’s fun to watch these dramatic scenes come together. Filming a movie like this seems pretty dull, though.