'Preacher' Season 2 Announced by Dumping Entrails on Sidewalk


Preacher Season 1 concluded on FX last July, and last we saw of our favorite characters, they were embarking on a road trip to beat the shit out of God. We don’t have an official premiere date for Preacher Season 2, but on Wednesday, actor Dominic Cooper posted a photo of some bloody entrails splattered on the sidewalk, reminding fans that the show is indeed coming back soon.

The first season of Preacher followed Dominic Cooper’s wayward holy man, Jesse Custer, discover the Genesis, a half-angel, half-demon being that gave him the ability to essentially control people using God’s powers.

Developed by Seth Rogen and his longtime writing collaborator Evan Goldberg, Preacher straddled the line between violent comic book adaptation, moody Western, and irreverent pop culture pastiche pretty hard, ending the first season by completely destroying the city that the first season primarily took place in.

Now Dominic Cooper is teasing the start of Season 2 with some blood and guts.

Preacher is a pretty violent show, both in the comic books and the TV adaptation. These entrails could literally belong to anyone, so it’s pretty hard to say what specific plot these guts are referring to.

That said, the second season is essentially beginning where the first issue of the comic book begins, with Jesse, Tulip, and the vampire Cassidy on the road looking for God while being hunted by an immortal, murderous cowboy. Season 2 will most likely see the rest of this journey play out, and it will adapt more of the original comic book than the first season.

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