George R.R. Martin Confirms His New Story Is About Targaryens


On Monday, news broke that George R.R. Martin will be releasing a new story set in the Game of Thrones world called “The Sons of the Dragon.” Martin himself has now spoken out and confirmed it. Whether or not The Winds of Winter comes out this year, there will indeed be a new Game of Thrones story centered around Targaryens.

Danerys and Jon’s ancestral House has a bloody and complicated history, as Targaryen blood comes with a penchant for madness and betrayals. There’s the occasional sound ruler, but they’re few and far between. “Sons of The Dragon” focuses on two of the first Targaryen kings who emphasize the “madness and betrayals” part. It tells the story of the weak-willed Aenys Targaryen and his half-brother Maegor who was renowned for his cruelty. Maegor initially served as Aenys’s Hand (of The King) but was exiled after a marriage scandal. He ascended to the throne following Aenys’s mysterious death, even though Aenys’s son was technically next in line. The son fought back, and Maegor slew him and his dragon in battle. Just like the Mad King many generations later, Maegor eventually saw a bloody death on top of the Iron Throne itself.

The Mad King in 'Game of Thrones' 


“Sons of Dragon” will be in an anthology called Book of Swords which will be published in October 2017.

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