Rose Tyler Demands Female Time Lord on 'Doctor Who'


Rose Tyler wants a woman at the TARDIS controls. Rose actor Billie Piper reportedly said at the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards in London that not giving the Time Lord role on Doctor Who to a woman this time around would “feel like a snub.” The Bad Wolf is not playing around.

“I’ve always supported the original format, but I don’t know where they can go from here,” Piper said. “I think it would be great [to have a female Doctor] given the spirit of the world at the moment. I think it would be timely.”

Rose, still a favorite companion amongst Who fans despite having left the show in Season 4, probably would have enjoyed traveling around with a female Doctor. Despite her complicated relationship with both the 9th and 10th Doctors, maybe she would have given them up for the chance to traverse time and space as the companion to a female Doctor.


The announcement that Peter Capaldi will be leaving the role of the Doctor behind after Season 10 wasn’t too much of a surprise, but it certainly leads to the age-old Who question: Who’s next? What will the Doctor’s next face be?

Doctor Who fans have been calling for a female Time Lord for some time. Even showrunner Steven Moffat, who’s often criticized for a lack of diversity on the show, said back in 2014 that there “easily could be a female Doctor. I think the next time might be a female Doctor. I don’t see why not. I think it’s good to do that.”

Your move, BBC. Maybe this extra push from Rose will do the trick.

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