Black Siren Was All 'Arrow' Fans Could Talk About on Twitter 

Earth-2 Laurel Lance is ruffling some feathers online.

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Laurel Lance is back on Arrow (kind of). Her Earth-2 counterpart, originally introduced in an episode of The Flash, made her way to Arrow for the mid season premiere on January 25. The Arrow team made pretty quick work of figuring out that this Laurel wasn’t their Laurel, and what ensued was a quick battle and questions about Earth-2 Laurel’s future. Twitter had a lot to add.

Both iterations of Laurel (Black Canary Earth-1 and Black Siren Earth-2) are portrayed by Katie Cassidy, who’s been a long-standing favorite among Arrow fans since Season 1. Her return to the Arrow family was beloved by some and grumbled about by others, mainly because people are upset about the number of miraculous returns happening.

A lot of Arrow fans weren’t too thrilled about Cassidy’s return as Laurel Lance’s otherworldly evil twin from Earth 2 — there are either too many Canary adaptations for them or too many convenient returns.

After the mess that was Arrow Season 4, fan trust in the writers still seems to be low. It’s rare that there are no complaints amongst a fandom (especially when that fandom is based on comic books), but the Black Siren move in the mid season premiere really got some fans fired up.

But the main consensus seems to be that fans are looking forward to Black Siren seeing a major redemption arc and becoming Black Canary, often using the hashtag #NoLaurelNoCanary. To these fans, anyone other than Laurel taking on the Black Canary moniker is out of the question. There’s generally just a ton of love out there for Katie Cassidy’s Laurel.

More Black Siren is inevitably on the table as Arrow Season 5B continues. Be on the lookout to see if Earth-2 Laurel will continue down a dark path or if the writers will give her character the ultimate redemption arc.

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