Everyone Looks Like Hell in First 'The Leftovers' Season 3 Teaser

The new 'Leftovers' Season 3 teaser shows Kevin bearded and in Australia. 


To the casual observer who only knows The Leftovers by its adds, it’s that brainy show about the rapture that your weirdest friend touts as The Best Show Ever. Those friends are right, and HBO has rewarded them with the first teaser for the criminally underrated drama’s third and final season.

In it, everyone has a beard. Seriously, everyone. From Justin Theroux’s Kevin Garvey to Christopher Eccleston’s Matt Jamison, to Kevin Caroll’s John Murphy, all the men look positively post-apocalyptic. Or perhaps Biblical. As this is The Leftovers, they’re also looking rather grim. Kevin Senior has intriguingly returned (also with a beard). Liv Tyler’s diabolical Meg is nowhere to be seen — but Evie Murphy is present, suggesting the new Guilty Remnant’s claws are still in the story.

Recall that Season 2 saw Kevin return from the dead and reunite with his family, left John Murphy wounded but allied with Kevin, and the town of Miracle overtaken by the Guilty Remnant, led by Meg.

Since there were so many references to Australia in Season 2, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Season 3 is having another location change to down under. Justin Theroux told Inverse about Season 3, “There’s so many bizarro twists and turns and special episodes. Crazy, crazy things happen. Like Season 2; like Season 1. It’s a big location change again — but it’s definitely still our show.”

Although the creators have continuously maintained that we’ll never find out where the vanished people went, perhaps we’ll solve smaller mysteries like finding out the deal with Kevin’s hallucinations and his father’s obsession with National Geographic magazines.

Aside from featuring some of the best acting, writing, and storytelling on modern television, the show has always nailed a surreal balance between realism and the supernatural. But in its jaunts to the afterlife, the end of Season 2 tipped the balance towards the latter. When Inverse asked showrunner Damon Lindelof about Season 3, he said, “If my read on your question is, “Please don’t make it too supernatural; I really like the balance you’ve struck so far” — I would say to you, “Don’t worry. I hear you.”

The third and final season of The Leftovers premieres on April 16, 2017, on HBO.

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