Darth Revan's Ghost Was Going to Be in 'The Clone Wars'

A dangerous and legendary Sith Lord who lived thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire nearly appeared in legit Star Wars canon as a Dark side spirit. In a newly released, unaired scene from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Force ghost of Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic is clearly advising “the Son,” another ethereal Dark side user, as to how best convert Anakin Skywalker.

First introduced in the episode “Overlords,” the character known as “Son,” is 100% part of actual Star Wars canon. In a kind of netherworld, “Son” represented the Dark side and dueled with his sister named “Daughter,” who fought for the Light. Anakin and Obi-Wan briefly encountered these beings, but now, it looks like Son answered to a higher power: the spirits of old-school Dark side baddies. And their primary spokesperson was none other than the the ghost of Darth Revan.

The "Daughter" and the "Son."

The deleted scene was released by the official Star Wars Rebels YouTube channel on Tuesday. As with previous deleted scenes from the unaired eighth season of Clone Wars, the animation and dialogue in this sequence are somewhat incomplete. Nonetheless, the ghostly Sith Lord who speaks to the Son is definitely Darth Revan. For fans of Knights of the Old Republic, this is relatively huge as it would mean Revan is probably canon at this point. Deleted scenes don’t necessarily count as canon, but on March 24, 2016, Lucasfilm guru Pablo Hidalgo said that “some” deleted scenes can be considered canon.

The latest episode of Rebels has established a lot of new lore about the ancient Mandalorians, even going so far as to mention the war the Jedi fought with the Mandalorians in ancient times, which is another nod to the Knights of the Old Republic canon. Taken together with the new Darth Revan deleted scene, there’s an awful lot focus on ancient Force lore from before the time of the Skywalkers. There’s so much so that it could mean this Darth Revan spirit might even show up in a future episode of Rebels.

Watch the whole scene below.

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