Stan Lee's British AF Superhero Show Available for Americans

Some superheroes, like Batman or Iron Man, make their own destinies. Others, like Spider-Man, have greatness thrust upon them, and are beholden to new lives as vigilantes in exchange for what the universe decided to empower them with. In Stan Lee’s British superhero drama, Lucky Man, a regular cop is given a bracelet that allows him to manipulate luck and fortune. Coming off like a combination of Sherlock and Arrow, this show is a ride. This week, it’s available for the first time for American viewers.

Before he gets his super-powered luck bracelet, Harry Clayton (played by The Hobbit’s James Nesbitt) is a homicide detective with a crippling gambling addiction. Afterward, he’s still a cop and an addict, but the rush of increasing his luck eventually turns into a high-stakes struggle between charity and hubris. In short, Lucky Man is as personal a superhero story as any of Stan Lee’s other creations. For years, Lee has famously told con attendees and fans that luck would be his ideal super power, and Lucky Man grew from that thought.

Though Season 1 has wrapped, Sky 1 (the British channel on which Lucky Man airs) has confirmed an incoming Season 2, featuring a new, female villain.

Watch the trailer for Season 1 below.

The trailer for Season 2 is also thrilling:

Lucky Man premiered on January 22 in the UK, and is available for Americans on iTunes.

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