'Thimbleweed Park' Includes a Toggle for Toilet Paper Holders

Video game controversy of the year.

Thimbleweed Park

Ron Gilbert, one of the minds at LucasArts and co-creator of games like Maniac Mansion, was embroiled in a, well, really crappy controversy concerning his upcoming game, Thimbleweed Park — or at least it’s a parody of the Twitter rage that runs so rampant on the internet these days, since all the fuss was about the positioning of some virtual toilet paper.

Gilbert revealed earlier in the week that all toilet paper in speculative mystery adventure Thimbleweed Park would hang in the “under” position, a position that some folks consider economically resourceful, while others deem it to be the toilet paper positioning of sociopaths. Believe me, there has been a lot of research on the topic.

What resulted was unprecedented outrage, a veritable shit-storm if you will, as a debate that had been bubbling under the surface since perhaps the invention of the toilet paper roll burst to the surface. People demanded an “over” option for in-game toilet paper, expressing their rage on Twitter and other social media networks.

Things got quite dramatic when Gilbert continued to fan the flames:

Meanwhile, some indie devs, hoping to keep themselves out of the controversy, tweeted their own in-game toilet paper to keep the angry mobs away:

Gilbert had no choice but to respond to the impassioned feedback and now offers players the option to toggle between over and under toilet paper orientations in the game’s settings. In a press statement Gilbert stated, “*Beep* Thimbleweed Park, I can’t wait for this game to be finished.”

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