'Star Trek Timelines' Sends Picard Back Two Centuries

One year ago, the omnipotent space-god called “Q” recruited Starfleet captains all over the galaxy to investigate a temporal eruption of epic proportions. The result was Star Trek Timelines, a mobile game which allows players to navigate and participate in various splintered aspects of the entire Prime Universe of Star Trek. In celebration of the game’s first anniversary, Timelines is sending Captain Picard back in time to help create the Federation itself.

For the uninitiated, playing Star Trek Timelines is a little like playing a very nerdy and complex version of The Oregon Trail, only with multitudinous possibilities for different crews, and a variety of outcomes. Sure, there are a few space battles, but the fun of the game mostly relies on the players’ ability to know their Star Trek characters well enough to be able to effectively mix-and-match those crew members to solve the game’s various missions. (I.E. Sisko for DS9 works great with Torres from Voyager on a lot of away missions.)

Sisko raises his glass as Picard rocks a REALLY old-school uniform

For Trek purists, the act of playing Timelines can be viewed as canon too, since the beginning of the game finds Q asking a captain (the player) to help figure out why all of time is converging simultaneously. For the anniversary of the game, Timelines has created the anachronistic event of “Convergence Day,” in which Jean-Luc Picard will help found the Federation, rather than Captain Archer, a decision that was created by the players themselves. According to the press release from developer Disruptor Beam, “Players voted for Captain Picard to replace him as one of the founders of the Coalition of Planets.”

This puts Picard in the 22nd Century Starfleet uniform rather than his normal 24th century get-up. Star Trek Timelines is offering other upgrades and goodies for their players to celebrate the occasion, too. Meanwhile, the new trailer promises that this is “just the beginning.” Timelines can be played on most mobile devices for free, and also Facebook. Watch the new trailer below.

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