The New 'Green Lantern' Movie Will Be "'Lethal Weapon' In Space"

DC Comics

It looks like DC’s next big project will be a film based on the Green Lantern Corps. The comic book company has already enlisted a writer for the script, and a theme, calling it “Lethal Weapon in space.”

While DC was meeting with The Rock about future DC projects like Shazam, the company apparently set in motion plans for further films in the DC Extended Universe, including a return to the Green Lantern Corps. After the critically maligned Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern film in 2011 (a film that was made fun of in Reynolds’ later, more successful Deadpool film), Warner Bros. will be taking another crack at the intergalactic police force with a script from David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, Man of Steel).

The story will reportedly focus on both Hal Jordan and John Stewart, two of the more famous Earth Green Lanterns, though the title suggests the whole Green Lantern Corps. will be involved in some way.

Green Lantern Corps.

DC Comics

The Lethal Weapon comparison suggests that the film will feature a buddy-cop relationship between John Stewart, a U.S. Marine sniper, and Hal Jordan, a U.S. Airforce pilot. Perhaps it will even be slightly comedic given DC’s new “hope and optimism” approach the company is going for. Either way, the report suggests that the film will probably have either two lead characters, or act as a kind of ensemble film which focuses on Stewart’s relationship with Jordan and the rest of the Green Lanterns.

There is no casting announcement yet, though actor Armie Hammer did tease fans about a possible DC role in 2016, suggesting he could play a Green Lantern (presumably Hal Jordan).

While it’s unlikely the upcoming film will have Ryan Reynolds re-appear as Hal Jordan, there is something to be said for a new Green Lantern film being made under Geoff Johns and the hopefully renewed DC Extended Universe.

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