New 'The 100' Season 4 Trailer Has a Surprisingly Fun Apocalypse

The CW 

Life has never been easy in the post-apocalyptic world of the CW’s The 100, but now that the nuclear power plants are melting down and everyone has six months to live, the stakes have never been higher. But oddly enough, the newest Season 4 trailer still retains a sense of fun.

At the end of Season 3, Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) learned that the infighting that dominated the season was all just a prelude to the big picture. After Clarke thwarted A.L.I.E’s plan to send everyone to her eerie City of Light — effectively brainwashing society — the red-dressed A.I. informed Clarke that radiation and environmental disaster were imminent.

That may be so, but so is the show reverting back to the high stakes fun of its second and best season. Season 3’s biggest flaw was losing its sense of fun by putting every character in dire straights and isolating them. It seemed to forget that Clarke and Bellamy blew up Mount Weather together — as each parsed through their pain in destructive ways that were hardly fun to watch. Season 2 was dire and serious, but it was also a blast for the viewer.

Here in the Season 4 trailer, the world might be ending, but Clarke and Bellamy are back to tackling problems together, Raven is getting shit done, Octavia is kicking ass and taking names, King Roan and the mysterious Echo are back in action, and even Jasper and Monty are smiling.

It’s about time this show got its mojo back.

Season 4 premieres on February 1 on the CW. 

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