'Hidden Fences' Is Not a Real Movie No Matter What Michael Keaton Says

Twitter had a lot to say about Michael Keaton and Jenna Bush Hager's "slips" at the Golden Globes.

Collider/The Hollywood Reporter

Despite confusion on both the Golden Globes red carpet and the stage, “Hidden Fences” is not a real movie. Michael Keaton, while presenting the award for Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes, was the second person of the night to misname the film Hidden Figures as “Hidden Fences,” which people are assuming to be a mix between the African-American-led dramas Fences and Hidden Figures.

Jenna Bush Hager, while interviewing Pharrell Williams on the red carpet about his music in Hidden Figures inaccurately referred to the movie as “Hidden Fences,” sparking an expected Twitter reaction. Williams is already being venerated for the quality of his side-eye.

And when Keaton made the same mistake on stage, Twitter couldn’t believe what they were hearing. People made jokes at first, riffing and giving other films in various categories the same treatment.

But along with the jokes came insightful critique of the fact that white presenters were conflating two drastically different stories of African-American people.

Hidden Figures, a film about the untold story of three African-American women at NASA in the 1960s, has two Golden Globe nominations. Fences, a film about the tensions in a small working-class family in 1950s, is nominated for two Golden Globes as well. Viola Davis snagged one of those Golden Globes (Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture) for Fences earlier in the evening. Hopefully, that fact that her name is engraved on the trophy will help clear up any confusion with Octavia Spencer.

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