Twitter Had a Field Day With Yahoo's Incredibly Awful Typo

Made something good out of a crappy situation.

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The worst of typos can have dire consequences. Thankfully for Yahoo Finance, its major mistake resulted in a slew of memes instead of a boycott by the internet.

Late Thursday night, Yahoo Finance’s Twitter account shared a link to a news story about President-elect Donald Trump wanting a larger navy. Intending to type out “bigger,” the social media manager apparently accidentally wrote “n*er” and sent the tweet out before double checking their work.

An apology was issued soon after. Yahoo Finance tweeted out, “We deleted an earlier tweet due to a spelling error. We apologize for the mistake.” Some pointed out that the “b” and “n” key are right next to one another, so it very well could have been an honest mistake.

The damage was already done, but instead of Twitter calling for the head of the person behind the egregious error, most people turned the situation into something they could have a chuckle about. Thankfully, the mistake has been preserved in screenshots.

Typically, a racial slur isn’t something to laugh at. But in this particular situation, Twitter lit up with jokes about Yahoo’s forecasted Trump navy.

Yahoo Finance was most definitely shaken by its own error

Meanwhile, some were looking for someone to blame

People really took it with good humor.

Others just wanted to throw themselves into some flaming hot lava

People broke out their classic reaction GIFs

American politics got involved

With Russians becoming the go-to scapegoat

Others pointed out that this couldn’t have been autocorrect’s fault

The person behind the tweet probably freaked out once they realized what happened

But Black Twitter knew an apology was coming

And, thankfully, most white people stayed in their lane

And hey guys, Black History Month is soon

The situation could have obviously gone very badly for Yahoo Finance, but clearly most didn’t take too much offense from the accident. Everyone makes mistakes on Twitter, even the president-elect. Anyway, did anyone even end up reading the original article?

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