'The Young Pope' Hasn't Even Aired and Its Memes Are Lit

The internet has truly blessed us.


The latest hot, viral-sensation HBO show is all about the Pope. Except instead of an old Pope, The Young Pope is about Jude Law, a sexy young pope. The show won’t come out in America until January 15, but the internet is already going bonkers in anticipation.

Law portrays the fictional Pope Pius XIII, an archbishop from New York City. He’s known as Lenny by the College of Cardinals and is ready to shake things up in the Catholic Church. Diane Keaton plays Sister Mary, the woman who raised Lenny and who becomes his secretary once he takes the title of youngest pope in history.

Now, Young Pope doesn’t look extraordinarily… good, or anything. Just a bunch of drama with dudes wearing cassocks and zucchettos. The only really exciting thing is that Law is really working it in those Pope clothes. But that hasn’t kept the internet from eagerly awaiting the premiere, tweeting out their best hot holy man jokes. They’re as lit as those donation candles.

The internet couldn’t bless us with better memes:

25. This series is going to be pure fire

24. That Law, always camera ready.

23. Your Pope could never

22. Neil Young would be so proud

21. Soon, coming very soon

20. Nah, pretty sure the KKK did

19. This scene will probably be edited out

18. Sounds like drama

17. Praying to Saint Dick

16. Law enters the lexicon

15. So many Catholic grandmothers are disappointed

14. Popes and Recreation

13. Real as God

12. Probably wouldn’t be the first Pope

11. A new multiverse

10. This is genius

9. The anticipation is killing us

8. But Jude Law is our young Pope

7. Hopefully, also free

6. Millennials at church these days

5. West Church.

4. Is there enough Young Pope to go around?

3. The fashion’s going to be amazing

2. We know Kim Kardashian won’t be watching

1. Well, this is awkward

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