'SNL Korea''s 'Doctor Strange' Sketches Are Unbelievably Funny

Youtube/SNL Korea

It seems Doctor Strange made a trip to South Korea, David Blaine-style, frightening pigeons and amazing fans worldwide. Saturday Night Live Korea on tvN “recreated” Marvel’s Doctor Strange into a story about a cheesy street magician who travels around the city in search of minds to blow. The result is easily the funniest, weirdest superhero parody of 2016.

Doctor Strange’s first adventure — shooting a basketball through a hoop without looking — earns him two Rap Battle Parody-style followers who scream and jump up and down every time he does something amazing. These feats range from making pigeons fly to changing walk signs to getting a guy’s number.

On some level, these all are “magical” feats. Besides, didn’t everyone pretend they had magic powers growing up when an automatic door opened at the grocery store? Part of what makes these sketches so great is that they grab onto that youthful memory and entertain you in a way that the actual Doctor Strange kind of failed to do. Plus, it’s weird as hell.

Strange lacked nostalgia — among other things — and this parody from SNL Korea totally taps into that.

Check out the two sketches above for a good laugh at the end of 2016.