Batman and Superman Still Have Beef in 'Justice League'

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It’s no secret that Henry Cavill’s Superman would be in DC’s upcoming superhero mashup, Justice League — and that might not make Batman all that happy.

Akin to Marvel’s Avengers, the Justice League is a super hero team-up squad tasked with defending the Earth from threats foreign and domestic. So far, we’ve learned one thing for sure about Superman’s return — his beef with Batman is not over. In multiple promotional interviews, Cavill has revealed that the Kryptonian and the Dark Knight will face-off for control of the Justice League.

Batman v Superman ended on a somber note as everyone’s beloved Kryptonian took one for the team when he sacrificed himself to save the Earth. Just like with Jon Snow, we all knew Superman wouldn’t stay dead for long. (And Warner Brother’s hasn’t really made his return a secret.) Although we’re not sure yet exactly how he defies death, we are pretty sure Melisandre is still somewhere in Westeros and not roaming around the DC multiverse, waiting to resurrect the Kryptonian.

In the latest issue of Total Film, Henry Cavill explained that the Man of Steel has not only made a miraculous return from the grave, but that he will also be wrestling with Batman for leadership of the League. This will inevitably build up to another epic clash with Batman. However, round two will most likely be less intense than the battle royal we saw in Batman v Superman.

“There’s pretty much an argument between him and Batman as to who is the leader,” Cavill revealed in the latest issue of Total Film magazine.

Deciding between Batman and Superman is definitely a hard decision. On the one hand, you’ve got Batman. Together with Wonder Woman, the caped crusader has embarked on the task of recruiting meta-humans to help their cause of protecting the Earth. He’s doing all the grunt work to put the team in place, so he would probably known how best to the lead the group, right? Plus, being Batman, he comes with a very impressive resume and some wicked cool gadgets.

The Man of Steel is the most powerful member of the team, even without all the fancy gadgets and gizmos that Batman has. Thanks to his heroics, he could be a great poster boy for the team, which would help them gain the public’s trust and backing — something the Avengers need to work on.

There’s no clear choice here, but we have a feeling that they will sort everything out, eventually. After all, half the fun of the Avengers movies is watching Earth’s mightiest heroes slug out their differences, and we are sure to see some of that in the upcoming film.

Of course, things could go in an entirely different direction, with Wonder Woman leading the group to victory — after all, she does have centuries more experience. We will get to see how everything plays out in November 2017, when the film hits theaters.

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