Incredible Fan Art Imagines Magneto vs. Spider-Man Brawl

Wai Kin Lam

London-based artist, Wai Kin Lam, is no stranger to nerd culture. But one of his most recent works, an illustration that pits Spider-Man against Magneto from the X-Men comics, looks straight out of a movie production design.

Calling himself a Visualization Artist, Lam’s work often focuses on urban landscapes with unique architectural designs, and depicts characters who wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi anime, living lives of luxury.

However, “Spiderman vs. Magneto” is Lam’s first illustration on his website that tackles the Marvel Universe, and it’s a banger. Comments on the piece from fans range from “Badass” to how the scene wouldn’t look out of place in any of the current Marvel films.

Taking place in a rainy, presumably New York City, street, Magneto and Spider-Man face-off with the webcrawler looking particularly small compared to Magneto’s imminent barrage of cars and metal. It’s almost a shame this scene might not happen in the films anytime soon.

by Wai Kin Lam

Wai Kin Lam

The scene has some of Lam’s visible hallmarks, such as the urban environment during rain. However, it’s Lam’s ability to capture the fight scene at such a crucial moment that makes the piece pop. There’s no doubt that Lam has taken at least some inspiration from Bryan Singer’s films, evoking the director’s sense of gravity and movement.

While this is the only bit of Marvel fanart on Lam’s website so far, it would be interesting to see him tackle some other superheroes in the future, preferably set in Lam’s rainy, city scenes.

You can see the full art and other works on Lam’s Website.