5 Plot Points To Recall Before ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Premieres

"Next time, on Dragon Ball Z..."


Dragon Ball is slated to make its epic return to Toonami on January 7th. Although we may have attempted to cast a solar flare or performed the fusion dance once or twice in our life, some of us may not be completely caught up in the series. And despite being on air to Japanese audiences since 2015, a lot of us are unable to stomach Goku’s voice in the subbed anime version of Dragon Ball and may have held off from watching it in hopes that the dubbed version of the anime will return. Whatever the reason may be, a lot of us need a quick refresher on what is going on in the world of Dragon Ball to ready ourselves for what we will soon be indulging in every Saturday night instead of going out to party with friends.

1. The story takes place shortly after the Majin Buu Saga.

When you hear somebody saying that you're not the strongest in the universe


Let’s just forget that Dragon Ball GT ever happened and start the story at the end of Dragon Ball Z. The Z fighters just defeated Kid Buu and the world has now returned to peace after Buu went around turning people into chocolate in order to satiate his incredible hunger. Vegeta isn’t walking around with that Majin symbol on his forehead that oddly resembles the shape of his bad hairline. Goku is living life as a radish farmer in order to support the family, but still takes breaks in between to train – as any world class fighter should be doing.

2. Beerus is the first villain that Goku will fight in the show.

He ate wasabi


If you have yet to watch either Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods or Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, then you probably have no idea who Beerus is. Beerus is the god of destruction for Universe 7. He is the most feared person in the entire universe – he even makes Freiza cower in fear and he was emperor of Universe 7. He is a food connoisseur and samples food from different planets before deciding whether or not the world should be destroyed. He can destroy planets on a whim and with no remorse. But, it is important to note that Beerus is not actually a “bad guy” in the typical sense. His job is literally to destroy worlds. He goes about it in a savage manner, but you can’t hate the man for simply doing his job.

3. There is more than one god of destruction.

Yep, more than one


Beerus is not the only dangerous one out there in the universe. He is only the god of destruction for Universe 7. There are 12 universes! They are the opposite of the Supreme Kais, the gods of creation whose job is to fill the universe with life. We probably will not meet all of them for quite some time, though.

4. The Saiyans have a new evolution.

The hair is finally normal


Once again, if you have not watched the movies, then this is something that you would not know. However, without going too much in depth, you thought that Super Saiyan 4 was bad-ass? You cannot imagine what comes after that.

5. Hercule is still the most trash person in the entire universe.

Trunks ain't have to do him like that.


Some things never change, right?

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