NASA Just Uploaded its Whole Dope GIF Library to Pinterest and Giphy


NASA is a social media powerhouse, with over 200 people dedicated to running a plethora of accounts across several platforms. Chances are good you’re already following NASA in some capacity. To expand upon their already epic presence, the agency has officially joined GIPHY and Pinterest. That’s right — everything NASA touches will now be available in GIF form.

Through GIPHY, the agency hopes to provide the public an out-of-this-world journey via animated GIFs which feature images of Earth and beyond. Ride along with the Curiosity rover as it drills another hole on Mars, or check out what the astronauts are up to on the space station. Viewers can even see what it’s like as spacecraft whiz by planets or see a comet grazing the sun.

If you ever thought you needed more space in your life, or wanted to relive the glory days of the Apollo program, GIPHY is here to help! We’ve selected a few of examples that represent the range of incredible images NASA has waiting for you.

Here’s a GIF of an unnamed crater on Mars. The images featured were captured in 2008 by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and depict several formations within the crater resembling a giant Martian smiley face. Sure seems like the red planet was happy we took its picture.

Mars is happy you like this gif.


You can also see views inside NASA control rooms, where teams are celebrating mission successes with enthusiastic high-fives.

High fives all around. 


Or, you can watch engineers test out new technologies that will be used on future missions to explore new worlds.

This hopping robot could explore Mars and beyond someday. 


But NASA technology is not just for space. We see the benefits of it every day here on Earth. Here’s one example of how robotic technology used on the space station directly benefits us. Watch a doctor use the same technology that powers the station’s robotic arm, Dextre, to perform intricate surgery.

Dextre, the space station's robotic arm is helping doctors on Earth perform crucial surgeries. 


Solar flares are always wicked cool to watch. Want to see a dazzling display of the northern lights, or two black holes circling around each other in a choreographed death spiral? Don’t worry, NASA has you covered.

Watch a solar flare erupt on the Sun. 


And, of course there are rocket launches.

An Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft launches towards the space station, packed with new research and crew supplies. 


Over on Pinterest, NASA will be posting new and historic images and videos. The space agency hopes to reach more people via the vast network of pinners and pinboards by sharing images of its many missions, and projects including human spaceflight, astrophysics, Earth science, and many more.

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