Supergirl Is Probably Gonna Visit the Arrowverse More Often

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The CW’s big crossover event for the year, “Heroes vs. Aliens,” has concluded, and — spoiler alert — the heroes won! The casts of Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow came together with Supergirl, who was just visiting from another Universe, to best the invading extraterrestrial menace. Defeating them took some time travel, superspeed, new inventions, and some personal growth. Above all, it took all the heroes combined, which is good, because now it’s going to be a whole lot easier for Supergirl to visit the rest of the Arrowverse in the future.

When Thursday’s episode ended, Vibe handed Kara a special new toy: an interdimensional extrapolator. The device allows Kara to travel back and forth between her home of Earth-38 and Earth-1, where Oliver, Barry, and the rest of the gang live. It’s an extraordinarily helpful gadget, and Kara uses it to travel home without any trouble or guesswork on the Flash and Vibe’s part.

Universe-hopping just got a whole lot easier, so it’s reasonable to expect that Kara will make another visit to the Arrowverse-proper. These crossovers are lots of fun, after all, and Kara confirmed during this episode that she and Superman are more powerful than every other Arrowverse hero combined. So, you know, maybe they’ll just bring her out when they really, really need the assist.

Or, heck, maybe Kara will use the device to travel to Earths 2-37.

Warner Bros. Television

“Invasion!” was corny at times, sure, but on the whole it was a hoot, and it did a good job giving a ton of different characters their due (featuring some genuine emotional development, like Stein’s newfound relationship with his daughter), without rushing things too much. If nothing else, Kara’s interdimensional extrapolator will make it that much easier for her to head over to Earth-1 for the next crossover … unless she brings the Arrowverse to her.

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