Poison Ivy Brutally Dumped Part-Time Girlfriend Harley Quinn

Add Harley Quinn #8 to the list of reasons this year has been a long, stupid fart of a time period. DC once called Harley and Ivy’s relationship “devoid of the jealousy of monogamy,” but it appears no one can have nice things. Harley and Ivy are donezo.

After splashing around at a nudist resort in the Bahamas, Harley and Ivy retreat to their hotel room to discuss the possibility of moving in together. Though Harley wants to take the next step with Ivy, the plant-loving, sensual super-villain says their vacation has only solidified what she already suspected: that she needs more alone time than Harley is willing to give.

DC Comics, Bleeding Cool

What does this revelation mean for DC’s universe? Although it’s a bummer for Harley Quinn, her tryst with Ivy has only proved that she’s capable of complex emotional storylines while still maintaining the chaotic neutral mindset that makes her a fan favorite. This also means great things for the eventual Harley Quinn movie, starring Margot Robbie, which will involve the Birds of Prey and possibly Batgirl.

If DC Comics has allowed Harley to experience a healthy relationship — and break-up — with a character in Gotham who isn’t Joker, it means the company is open to complicating Harley. We can only hope that the freedom given to DC’s comics writers will extend to Harley’s role in the DCEU.

Harley Quinn #8 is available at comic stores now.

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