Okay, Is Lena Luthor a Bad Guy on 'Supergirl' or What?

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Supergirl’s sophomore season seems like it’s moving along faster than a speeding bullet, and one of the most intriguing additions to the cast is Lex Luthor’s sister, Lena. It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Supers and Luthors don’t typical get along, so Kara wasn’t wrong to be wary of Lena at first. However, the two quickly became unlikely friends, but will all that change with the revelation that the mysterious woman leading Project Cadmus is Lena’s mom?

Monday’s episode, “Crossfire,” moved a couple of plots forward before dropping that bombshell in the closing moments. Jimmy Olsen is going to pursue a career in superheroics (he didn’t say it out loud, but he’s going to be Guardian), Alex started to come out, and Mon-El had some trouble adapting to his secret identity. The big story here, though, was a new gang terrorizing the city with alien weapons Cadmus had secretly given them to inspire literal xenophobia.

Supergirl was eventually able to stop them, but Lena was the real hero of the hour, as she hosted a gala as bait to lure the gang out and shut down their weapons for good.

But, as we learned at the end of the episode, the ruthless doctor who appears to be leading Cadmus (played by Brenda Strong) is Lena’s mother. This could call a lot of Lena’s past good deeds into question.

We also don’t know if the Doctor, as she’s known, is Lena’s birth mother or adoptive mother. Remember, Lena was adopted into the Luthor family. Is the Doctor just another evil Luthor, or was Lena born into one evil family and adopted into another?

Kara has already turned enemies into friends over the course of this season. (Granted, Mon-El is a horny, difficult friend, but a friend nonetheless.) Lena Luthor could become a villain, though her and Kara’s relationship will almost certainly change in light of this revelation, regardless of where Lena’s allegiances lie.