How a 2014 Tweet Perfectly Predicted the 2016 World Series

It also forecasted that the world would be ending ... we'll see about that. 

Getty Images / Ezra Shaw

On Wednesday night, the Chicago Cubs made history by winning the 2016 World Series for the first time since 1908. The team not only broke a record-long drought for the Major Leagues, but also an infamous curse put on them by a disgruntled goat owner in 1945. And while people were obviously celebrating after the epic win, during the game they were also obsessed with a 2014 tweet that eerily and perfectly predicted the nail-biting end.

Two years ago, the Cubs fired then-manager Rick Renteria and hired Joe Maddon after he departed from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It was well-known that the Cubs had been severely unlucky whenever it came to trying to make it to the World Series. With Maddon signing on, it wasn’t really a momentous occasion as much of a fresh start for the team. However, two days after the news broke, Twitter user @RaysFanGio had quite the hypothesis about a World Series that wasn’t going to happen for another few years.

Not only did he predict both the teams that would make it to the 2016 baseball event, but how it would go down with a tie in extra innings.


While his tweet may have gotten meager attention when he originally posted it, the prediction blew up on Twitter Wednesday during Game 7. The specificity of the tweet is what made it so damn notable, especially the armageddon tidbit. Considering the madness that ensued when the Cubs just made it to the World Series, it was a qualified prediction to make that the world would plummet into darkness during the final innings, and it truly felt like that when the top of the 10th inning was delayed by a deluge. It might have only been 15 minutes, but that quarter of an hour felt like an eternity. Thankfully, the Chicago Fire of 1871 didn’t repeat itself.

There were a few other people that called an Indians-Cubs standoff back in 2014. Also impressive was Michael Lee, who went viral after somehow peeking into the future back in 1993 and declaring in his yearbook quote that the Cubs would be winning in 2016:

Additionally, Parks and Recreation also somehow anticipated the victory.

Whether some mystical energy allowed all these people to accurately forecast 2016 being a life changing year for the Cubs or it was just plain luck, people are always going to cling on to these optimistic predictions. Because if a whole city of baseball fans can believe in a curse involving a goat, it can also have some hope their team will finally win.

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