Listen to the Player Piano Covers from ‘Westworld' Right Now


There’s been a lot to absorb in the first five episodes of HBO’s Westworld, including all of the hidden pieces of music that waft from the seemingly ubiquitous player piano in Sweetwater’s Mariposa Saloon. Before you had to pinpoint them in the show’s slightly confusing timeline to hear them, but now a selection of tracks from the show have been release on iTunes.

Besides the already piano-heavy main theme song by composer Ramin Djawadi — the same dude who made the earworm-inducing theme music for HBO’s other zeitgeisty hit, Game of Thrones — the digital EP features four cover versions of delightfully anachronistic contemporary songs.

“Black Hole Sun” and “Paint It Black” are from the show’s premiere, “The Original,” and can be heard at different points throughout the episode. The former song originally written by Soundgarden can be heard on the player piano as card dealer host Kissy closes up shop for the night before being kidnapped by the Man in Black. The epic orchestral version of the latter song, originally written by The Rolling Stones, can be heard during the shootout finale of the premiere featuring Hector Escaton and his gang causing trouble.

“No Surprises,” the lilting piano cover of the song originally found on “OK Computer” by Radiohead, is heard when Maeve begins to experience her own consciousness in “Chestnut,” while another reverie envelopes Maeve while a cover version of the Cure’s “A Forest” plays on the piano in “Dissonance Theory.”

You can imagine yourself gaining robotic consciousness and listen to Djawadi’s songs right now. Expect more anachronistic songs to be released as the show rounds it its first season in the coming weeks.

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