The same bright minds that brought you the Curiosity rover and many other intrepid space explorers will blow you away with their pumpkin carving abilities. For the fifth year in a row, engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory have held the most amazing pumpkin carving contest.

Tomorrow we celebrate Halloween and to celebrate you may have toiled over a pumpkin of your own for hours, but hold onto your hats, as these specimens are on a whole other level.

The yearly spectacle is dubbed a contest, but really it’s a display of creativity and engineering prowess with participants getting only an hour to work on their projects.

That’s right, these insanely epic jack-o-lanterns were constructed in only 60 minutes. The intricate designs feature a combination of pop culture references and science missions.

JPL mechanical engineer Aaron Yazzie shared a bunch of the contestants on Twitter. You can view some of the entries below and be sure to check out the rest on JPL’s Flickr account.