Ash Will Probably Kick Data's Ass in 'Star Trek'/'Aliens' Comic


It looks like chest-bursting xenomorphs of the Alien franchise will invade the Star Trek universe very soon. But, will Ellen Ripley meet Jean-Luc Picard? Which member of the Enterprise crew is most likely to play host a chest burster?

At MCM London Comic-Con, Dark Horse and IDW announced a Star Trek: The Next Generation/Aliens crossover series for Spring 2017. Coming from Scott and David Tipton with art by J.K. Woodward — the same creative team that gave us the Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who crossover — the Star Trek/Aliens crossover will probably provide us with plenty of delicious (and odd) connections between these two universes.

This isn’t the first time that world of Aliens has intersected with other popular fictional characters in comics. Both Batman and Superman comics have had Aliens crossovers wherein facehuggers and xenomorphs make appearances and wreak havoc in the DC universe. And of course, everyone knows what happens when aliens from Alien are forced to fight predators from Predator: chimera monsters!


Though we don’t yet know how the world of Aliens will intersect with the world of Star Trek: The Next Generation, these worlds certainly have a few things in common, one of the most notable being humanoid androids. Though androids like Ash, Bishop, and David in the Alien universe are much more advanced than the likes of Data, the underlying principle is very much the same, making some cross-universe android action seem likely. Interestingly, because Ash, Bishop, and David are all more advanced than Data, he could be super jealous of them, assuming these characters — or similar androids — appear at all. And if the Alien-verse androids do appear, they will totally kick Data’s ass.

But perhaps the biggest question has to do with the aliens themselves. Will we see facehuggers and xenomorphs? Or are we going to see something entirely new? Maybe something like the new aliens coming to Alien: Covenant? In any case, the aggressive nature of the xenomorphs seem like more than Picard and company will be able to handle without some help.

Star Trek: The Next Generation/Aliens crossover series from IDW will debut in Spring 2017.

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