OKC Thunder's Steven Adams Watches Anime, Not Basketball

"I was watching cartoons, man."


The NBA season officially began last night, and while many of us were watching the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers destroy the Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder center, Steven Adams, decided to forego the whole damn thing and watch some anime.

In an interview, Steven Adams stated he was watching two of his favorite anime, One Piece and One-Punch Man. Given that he’s a 23-year-old man, it shouldn’t be a surprise Adams likes anime. Because of the globalized nature of the entertainment industry, people in his generation grew up watching anime, whether it was Dragonball Z or Digimon, making the medium an integral part of a lot of their lives.

And why shouldn’t he be watching anime? Regardless of the amazing fight sequences, battles, and superpowers, shonen anime has inspired thousands of young people. Specifically, the aforementioned anime are about fighting battles against extremely powerful foes to become the greatest and finally achieve their dream. In a way, Adams has more in common with an anime protagonist than most of us.

This could rightfully serve as inspiration for the Oklahoma City Thunder who, after losing their star small forward, Kevin Durant, now face a tougher battle to make it out of the West. Adams, who is known for his nonchalant and laid-back personality, is one of the most elite centers in the game, and the Thunder will surely need his tall, 7-foot frame to defeat the Western powerhouse teams.

It’s sad that Adams didn’t watch the games, though. Had he watched, he would have seen his former teammate, Kevin Durant and the Warriors, get smacked by the San Antonio Spurs in a 29-point loss. Now that we know the “superteam” or the “supervillains” can be defeated, the slighted Thunder and evil warriors are sure to make for great basketball in a battle of the ages.

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