'Logan' Dodged a Bullet By Not Including Mister Sinister

Logan might have just saved itself from some serious comic book silliness by not including one particular villain. Mister Sinister has been teased as a final villain for Wolverine since the end of X-Men: Apocalypse, but it seems he’s been left out of the equation in Logan. That’s a really good thing.

At the end of Apocalypse, the after credit teasers saw mysterious men in black arrive at the prison facility holding Wolverine, and raiding the military complex for some samples of his blood. It was then revealed that the mystery men worked for the Essex Corporation, the front for Mister Sinister’s evil organization.

But what does he want with Wolverine’s blood? And why did that many to think he would appear in Logan? Well it has everything to do with Sinister’s preoccupation with studying and creating new mutants. And while he didn’t create Wolverine of X-23, he was teased as a crucial link that would unite the X-Men films with Wolverine’s story, and also maybe serve as an origin for X-23 if he decided to clone Logan.

However, despite earlier reports that Mister Sinister would appear in Logan and possibly even the stalled Gambit solo movie, director James Mangold went on Twitter to, if not debunk, then raise serious questions about Mister Sinister’s actual involvement in the film.

If Mangold is being serious, which judging by the trailer he might very well be, it might actually be a good thing Mister Sinister will be put aside for Logan. In Mangold’s on tweets:

Mister Sinister is a very classic Marvel villain — kinda ridiculous, in other words. While he’s definitely a formidable enemy, his appearance and even his character history might not mesh too well with the gritty look of Logan.

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