'Doctor Strange' Is Your Hippie Uncle Who Fights Cthulhu

Marvel Comics, Javier Rodriguez

This October, Doctor Strange is going to get a bunch of his magical buds together and fight mystical evils in his new Marvel comic Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme. Sure, he’s got a major film coming out too, but the comics version of Doctor Strange is less Cumberbatch and more Chillerbach — all he wants to do is get into some serious mystical shit and maybe kill some multidimensional demons.

Marvel has just released a preview for the upcoming Doctor Strange comic, and it appears that instead of focusing on just the one Sorcerer Supreme (himself), the comic will feature Strange enlisting the help of several others. How is this possible when there’s only one Sorcerer Supreme allowed at a time? Time travel.

Thanks to some magic, Strange is able to team up with past and future sorcerers like Merlin, The Ancient One, and Wiccan to fight against an ancient magical evil known as The Forgotten. The series will be written by Robbie Thompson (Silk), with art from Javier Rodriguez (Spider-Woman). While the two are promising a fun, mystical adventure, Marvel warns that not all sorcerers have the best intentions in mind when joining the squad.

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer Supremes variant coverMarvel Comics, Javier Rodriguez

Doctor Strange’s new look also makes him appear more like a disheveled academic than a dignified aristocrat. His appearance evokes that of a cool hippie uncle who gets together with his burn-out friends on the weekends to chill out and maybe just fight Cthulhu.

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer SupremesMarvel Comics, Javier Rodriguez

Yeah, and sometimes the acid really kicks in.

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer SupremesMarvel Comics, Javier Rodriguez

Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer Supremes hits comic book shelves this October.