Bane's New Story Will Be Written by One of the Best Comics Writers

DC Comics

Comic book author Tom King has already shaken up Gotham since taking the reins over DC’s Batman. King’s new story arc, titled “I Am Suicide,” looks to continue his reinvention of the city by bringing back the classic Batman villain Bane, who appears more unhinged and dangerous than ever before.

Tom King is one of the most critically acclaimed comic writers in recent years. His work on Marvel’s The Vision and Vertigo’s The Sheriff of Babylon has earned the author wide praise. He has since become the writer for DC’s Rebirth Batman and has injected the series with a more cerebral kind of darkness than previously seen in Batman stories. That dark element is perfectly suited for Bane, the big villain in “I Am Suicide.”

The arc begins with Batman needing to save Gotham Girl from Psycho-Pirate. Unfortunately for him, Psycho-Pirate is being held by Bane in a foreign land within the world’s most dangerous prison. In order to extradite the villain from abroad, Batman teams up with Amanda Waller to form his own version of the Suicide Squad.

Batman #9 PreviewDC Comics, Mikel Janin

Bane, despite previous portrayals in media, is a hugely intelligent villain whose history as a child born and raised in the most dangerous prison in the world meant that he had to rely on both strength and intellect to survive. Those elements are given a dark twist from King who is perfectly suited to tackle a villain like Bane, especially if these previews from DC are anything to go by.

Bane in Batman #9DC Comics
Bane in Batman #9DC Comics
Bane and Psycho Pirate in Batman #9DC Comics

DC Comics’ Batman #9 arrives October 19, 2016.

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