Mac Miller Wants You to Know He Isn't a Horny Teenager Anymore

Five of the best songs off of Mac Miller's new album, 'The Divine Feminine.' 

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Mac Miller gets more attention for his comments about Donald Trump and his relationship with Ariana Grande than he does for his music. He released his fourth studio album today (September 16), titled, The Divine Feminine, and as the name may suggest, it has a lot to do with an admiration for female bodies and falling in love.

The album actually plays more like an R&B album than a rap project, filled with soft vocals and instrumentations that make you either want to cuddle with your significant other or dance at a family gathering. However, it’s not exactly an album that you want to play around your grandmother, as the rapper makes blatant sexual references, including, but not limited to, “You so complicated / I swear that pussy Grammy-nominated” and “I just eat pussy / Other people need food.” It is definitely a different vibe than one that we commonly associate with the Pittsburgh rapper.

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Mac Miller blew up in 2010 with his mixtape K.I.D.S. At that time, rap was going through some pretty significant changes. The scene was transitioning from the popular, gangster rap songs of the early 2000s to more underground, lyrical songs that focused more on everyday life or abstract concepts. Mac Miller was one of the rap leaders in the era, landing himself on the 2011 cover of XXL among other little known rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Lil B. To this day, Mac Miller is one of the few, new, white rappers who hasn’t caught a lot of heat for co-opting Black culture or trying to be something that they’re not. Then again, he generally stays in his lane, but he can get political when need be, addressing issues of racism and political injustice on both his twitter account and on television.

At only 24-years-old, Mac Miller still has a lot more music to make as his sound continues to mature and develop. Here are five of the best songs (in no particular order) from his new album, The Divine Feminine.

1. Dang! feat. Anderson .Paak

In an interview with Rap Genius, Mac Miller reveals that Anderson .Paak actually wrote the hook for loved ones that he lost. The funky vibe is obviously perfect for Anderson .Paak’s unique sound and Mac Millers flow is top notch. It is definitely the standout track on the album.

2. Cinderella feat. Ty Dolla $ign

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This song has one of my favorite lines on the whole album. “I swear the parents just don’t understand / You don’t got to be old, to be a man.” Although the song is more about sex than teenage angst, I cannot agree with this line more. The song is also very smooth and relaxing.

3. Planet God Damn feat. Njomza

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 17: MAC Miller performs during Behind The Scenes With MAC Miller Filming Music Choice's 'Take Back Your Music' Campaign at Music Choice on July 17, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy

It actually sounds like a quintessential Mac Miller rap record. The vocal melody that lays underneath the beat makes the song playful and Mac Miller delivers bar after bar throughout the song.

4. We feat. CeeLo Green

Smile on


The guitar in the hook is beautiful. The beat underneath the verses is so simple. It is heavily drum-based, and you know that the song will sound beautiful when played live.

5. My Favorite Part feat. Ariana Grande

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This is more on the list for Ariana Grande’s part than for Mac Miller’s vocals. He sings over the record which is definitely a switch. But, Ariana Grande’s voice is flawless and sounds so pure. If you need a song to listen to while cuddling with bae, this is the one.

Mac Miller’s The Divine Feminine can be found on both Apple Music and Spotify.