Dear ‘Battlefield 1’ Players, Please Don't Murder Horses

War is hell, especially for horses.


There’s a lot to be excited for in the case of Battlefield 1. DICE’s decision to return to the past is a welcome change of pace for the first-person shooter, and odds are, we’re going to have some pretty fantastic experiences on the battlefield. From stepping into the cockpit of a biplane to riding into combat on horseback, there’s plenty to love. But… maybe don’t kill horses?

Showcased at Gamescom this week, horses will be one of the main “vehicles” within Battlefield 1 on specific maps like Sinai Desert. They’re designed to feel like any other light vehicle in the game, allowing players to traverse the map at a much faster speed while rushing enemy players with saber charges and rifles. Sounds awesome, sure, but I just cant help but wonder how our new allies will fare come game day.


See, Battlefield 1 is filled with the modern tools of war. You’ve got airplanes covered with machine guns, giant metal tanks designed to withstand hails of gunfire, portable anti-tank cannons, and giant armored trains — all of which seem a little more powerful than our newfound friends.

I’m all for trying to take on an armored tank on horseback, but wanton horse murder is apparently where I draw the line. Killing a whole mess of NPCs? Sure. My own horse dying time and time again? Not okay.

So, if you’re reading this and planning on performing some crazy horse stunts when you dive into Battlefield 1, we’re just got one thing to ask: Do your best to avoid slaughtering our equestrian friends. Shoot the rider, not the transportation. Remember, virtual horses have virtual feelings too. They’re no giant metal machine without a brain that can’t feel pain — they’re just out there on the battlefield trying to do their job.

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