Vertigo’s Clean Room comic finishes its second arc next week, when Issue 11 hits comic book stands. The horror story, created and written by veteran Gail Simone – with art, coloring, and lettering from Jon Davis-Hunt, Quinton Winter, and Todd Klein – has electrified fans of trippy gore, stories about paranoia, and tech. We’ve compared it to Black Mirror because of its stark tone and experimental, speculative plot, which involves a nightmarish torture chamber fueled, at least partially, by a kind of virtual reality.

Vertigo’s official synopsis for Issue 11 says:

The Entities threaten their final revenge on our world and it’s vastly more horrible than even Astrid thought, while Evangelical forces stake a claim on Astrids organization, and only Chloe has the knowledge to stop them. Our second mind-bending arc rockets to a grisly conclusion for all mankind, including you and everyone you know!

While much of the exclusive preview below focuses on Astrid, the near-dead hallucinations that have become a hallmark of the series make a triumphant return in the last few panels. Check it out:

Clean Room, Issue 11, hits comic book stands on August 24.