Mad Dog Joins 'Suicide Squad' In 'War Crimes #1' Preview

Here we go again.

Fans of DC anti-heroes have spoken, buying tickets to sold-out Suicide Squad showings over the weekend, and rocketing DC’s comic book sales past Marvel in the last quarter. To its credit, the publisher has responded to the surge in adoration for Harley Quinn and her gang of malcontents by publishing multiple Suicide Squad comics under the Rebirth banner, including several group stories, multiple Harley Quinn series, and even solo shots for characters like Diablo and Captain Boomerang.

In Suicide Squad: War Crimes Special #1, written by John Ostrander with art by Gus Vazquez and Carlos Rodrigues with colors by Gabe Eltaeb, the gang gathers to watch a multimedia presentation from Amanda Waller, who’s cooked up yet another highly dangerous mission for them to undertake. The only difference between this particular objective and the mission in DC’s Suicide Squad film is this: if any of the anti-heroes are captured by good guys during their mission to save a guilty war criminal, Waller will kill them immediately.

Watch Harley, Deadshot, and the rest of the crew respond to this week’s screwball mission in our preview:

Suicide Squad: War Crimes Special #1 will be available in comic book stores on August 31.

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