Dark Matter: This One Ain't Coming Back, Folks

RIP, nerd.

Syfy Channel

The crew has finally gotten clear of their pursuers on Dark Matter. Six is up and around, and there’s finally some time to contemplate things that don’t involve fearing for their very survival. Now, with a few moments to breathe, the rest of the Raza crew finds their motivations drifting toward revenge.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of time to stop and mourn the loss of One (Marc Bendavid), the ship’s moral compass. After spending the entirety of last season bitching and moaning in an attempt to keep the team on the straight and narrow, One (aka, Derrick Moss) was shot in the face by Jace Corso.

As a core member of the crew, One’s murder was truly shocking, so it was inevitable the show would eventually get around to figuring out why Corso was paid to plug Moss. Those who were hoping One would somehow be miraculously resurrected, though, should probably stop hoping.

The Loss of One is No Big Loss

One was boring. Jace Corso even described him as a spoiled rich kid who’s had everything handed to him. That’s absolutely true. When it came time to do some fighting, One was of basically no use. His sole purpose in the first season was to inject a little conscience into the mercenary crew’s sensibility. Unfortunately, that function is something of a redundancy because Five (Jodelle Ferland) exists. She’s the one who really affected change in the crew’s minds.

The moral compass role is now being occupied by Six (Roger Cross), the man who turned the crew in to the Galactic Authority last season. Six is an equally driven goodie-goodie, and the only member of the crew with something approaching unwavering morals. What’s more, the whole treachery angle adds an edge to his advice that’s way more dramatically compelling than One’s “we should do it because it’s the good guy thing” speeches.

Keep Marc Bendavid Around, and Keep One’s Story, Please

Don’t confuse acceptance of One’s death with acceptance of the loss of Marc Bendavid. The actor (who’s now officially been executed twice on the show) has always made the very best of One’s stalwart morality. Watching him flip the coin and embody sadism in the form of Jace Corso was also a fun experience. We’ve now seen two people in the Universe with a face to match Marc Bendavid; keep throwing them at us. Watching Bendavid do backflips to embody a score of different people is something I, as a viewer, could really get behind.

Before Two (Melissa O’Neil) gets a little revenge, Corso is adamant that One’s death was the first act of some bigger conspiracy. As regular viewers will remember, Derrick Moss was in line to inherit one of the biggest corporations in the galaxy before he went full Face/Off in order to kill the man accused of murdering his wife. It would make perfect sense some evil conglomerate concocting shadowy plans wouldn’t want a boy scout at the helm.

Revenge Will Have to Wait

At the end of the episode, Six reveals his theory as to who hired One’s killer. “Add one more enemy to the list,” he says in weary summation. It’s the kind of fatigue that comes from hanging with the most wanted people in the Universe. There are more urgent matters to contend with than retribution.

The Galactic Authority is out to get them, there’s a secret on board that will open pockets to other dimensions, that doctor (Shaun Sipos) is a total drug addict, and the Android (Zoie Palmer) is preoccupied with exploring her feels. There’s a bunch to sort out before One’s death can be put to rest, but one thing’s for certain: he’s now just a memory.