Watch John Cena Use Meme Power for Good

The man-turned-meme has become a man again.

Getty Images / Vivien Killilea

You’ve surely seen, and probably even grown annoyed by, the Unexpected John Cena meme. It basically spawned a new genre of Vines. John Cena’s meme-ification was, in some ways, inevitable, as he is both a living cartoon and also a genuinely super good person. But now the man-turned-meme has become a man again, and it’s adorable.

The hidden camera prank is brought to us by Cricket Wireless but if you ignore the product placement and corporate shilling, what remains is a simple, poignant narrative of passionate individuals, brought together by their love for 15-time world champion WWE star John Cena, facing a life-changing moment. They light up the screen with genuine enthusiasm as they talk about John Cena, while secretly John Cena listens in and fist pumps at his own greatness. “She’s gonna go insane,” John Cena giggles. When he bursts forth from that false wall, crying his own name victoriously and followed by half a mariachi band, it’s the raw emotion that carries the story: their shock, their joy, their delighted shrieks.

This live action Unexpected John Cena may be just under four minutes, but it is five star viewing.

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