GoT''s Lord of Light is the Most Annoying TV Deity Ever 

All religions is mysterious, but the Lord of Light is taking it too far. 

Deities work in mysterious ways in every religion across the board. Who knows why Zeus preferred morphing into animals as his means of seduction? Maybe it’s part of some grand plan, maybe the dude just likes bestiality. And it’s anybody’s guess why the Egyptian god Set apparently has a Scottish accent. But R’hllor, otherwise known as the Lord of Light on Game of Thrones, is the most annoyingly vague god of them all. As a god, he’s kind of a dick.

Though religion might be mysterious, a deity isn’t supposed to give their own supporters whiplash. He’s not kind enough to enlighten even his most devout worshippers about what he wants. Melisandre has been devoted to him for literally hundreds of years, but after she does the ultimate, highest level thing you can do in that faith — bringing someone back from the dead is like the equivalent of the L. Ron Hubbard level of Scientology — is she any closer to enlightenment? Nope.

She still has no idea why Jon is back and what the Lord of Light wants from him. And she’s far from the only one — Thoros of Myr has resurrected Beric Dondarrion six times, and he’s still in the dark about how it works and what the Lord of Light wants.

Maybe Beric is important, maybe Sandor Clegane is more important. You’d think the Lord of Light would want some good PR and tell his devout priests what’s up, so they could at least confidently tell others they’re in the know and their god is right. But all his followers can offer is a shrug. Maybe the people he brings back from the dead are important in the wars to come, maybe he was just having a slow day and trying to entertain himself. Who knows?

Deities are supposed to be all knowing and powerful but all we know of R’hllor is that he’s a pyro who sometimes resurrects people when he feels like it, for Reasons. Gods are supposed to be impressive, but so far, the most impressive thing about R’hllor is how little he cares for his own followers.  

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