Gems from the First Phase of Steam’s Summer Sale, from 'LEGO Worlds' to 'Sonic 2'

Fuck the outdoors.

It’s always been a complete mystery to some as to why the general public so enthusiastically endorses spending most of your time outside when the weather is at its most scalding. Baking slowly under the oppressive heat of UV rays is so popular that pretty much everyone but the movie industry tends to slow down. Historically speaking, that goes double for video games, too.

Fortunately for both those kids free of the shackles of school but left with nothing to help rot their sponge-y little minds and adults who’ve long since escaped the cloying necessity to “get outside and build some character.” there’s the annual Steam Summer Sale, which is now in full effect.

As always, the sale will come in several phases, so if you see a deal you like, it’s a good idea to go ahead and nab your game. Get used to being broke, folks. Get ready, here’s the gif you were expecting…

PSA: Before we dive in, if you’re using Chrome, the Enhanced Steam plugin might just blow your mindhole into pieces.

NBA 2K16: Michael Jordan Edition is $15

If you’re a big time sports gamer, you likely already own 2K’s latest basketball outing. If you’re not a sports gamer, you probably don’t give a shit, right? While its cheap, you might want to rethink passing this one over. Even if you’re not a fan of hoops, the game’s kinetic gameplay and strategic execution make for some really riveting moments.

You don’t need to know which NBA star you’re dunking on to enjoy guiding your team to victory. The base game is also on sale, but for, like, $2.50 you can play as the one basketball player everyone recognizes.

LEGO Worlds is $10

If you’re too old to happily play with LEGOs anymore, then LEGO Worlds is the game you’ve been waiting for. Setting aside complicated questions about who exactly ripped off who (Minecraft or LEGO), just enjoy being a kid again with a virtual, procedurally-generated LEGO experience.

Besides, you can’t exactly play as a cowboy in Minecraft, can you?

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is $2.50

In honor of the hedgehog’s 25th birthday, why not drop three bucks on his single greatest adventure?

Sonic may not be in the top five best video game characters of all time when it comes down to it, but it’d be hard to find someone who’s never spent a few minutes revving their way through Emerald Hill Zone. The nostalgia factor alone is worth the price.

‘Payday 2’ is $5

On the level, Payday 2 sounds like a neat concept for a game — team up with a team of three other players to pull off a series of heists using any method you prefer. Of course, to paraphrase Sartre, “Hell is multiplayer with other people.” Still, though, the game is kind of badass.

So, since the title is insanely cheap, now is the time to jump in and see if the Payday series (or it’s players) are right for you. Whether you’re a Danny Ocean or a Mr. Blonde, this one has something for you.

‘Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag’ Is $7.50

Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag is old school AC at it’s finest and most beautiful (before Ubisoft started screwing with the formula), with one tiny exception: you’re a pirate and there are, like, zero tall buildings. If you’re looking for a third person pirate action game, though, you can’t possibly do better.

It’s huge, it’s beautiful, the story is swashbuckling soap opera at it’s finest, and at the price tag, its essentially impossible for you to waste your time.

‘Deus Ex: Game of the Year’ is $2

There are those who call Deus Ex one of the greatest first-person shooters of all time. Other people call it one of the greatest role-playing games of all time. Both are true. Even if the visuals aren’t as shiny as they once were, two bucks is well worth the investment.

Beware of challenges before diving in, though, because this game will test even seasoned gamers on the easiest difficulty setting. However, if you’re looking for a compelling, expansive, and immersive adventure, this one’s for you.

‘This War of Mine’ is $5

Feel like getting righteously bummed out experiencing some real art? This War of Mine is a strategy/simulator that sees you control a group of civilians trapped in a war zone. Operating on the timeline of a strict day/night cycle, you must keep your people alive, sending out nightly scavengers to forage for supplies and encounter other people.

A dramatic, semi-realistic depiction of war’s victims might not sound exactly like a game to veer towards, but This War of Mine is something that’s not to be missed. It’s the rare video game with as much heart as it has playability. For real, it kicks ass.

‘Banished’ is $7

Looking for a city-building game to fill your time? Banished may just fit the bill. Build a commune in the woods and coordinate the daily tasks of your villagers to thrive and grow in this picturesque builder.

Banished isn’t just a simple SimCity rip-off, either. Some interesting tweaks on classic gameplay — alongside the blessed removal of money — make this little village builder something special.

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