Watch Jon Snow Get a 'Game of Thrones' Play of the Game, 'Overwatch' Style

Kill streak.

Node, HBO

Sunday’s “Battle of the Bastard” Game of Thrones episode featured several moments of pure badass. From Daenarys’s dragon assault on a slaver warship, to House Arryn swooping in Gandalf the White style against the Bolton phalanx, viewers were given plenty of moments to cheer for. One moment in particular prompted YouTube channel Node, to turn it into an Overwatch style “Play of the Game”. That moment is Jon Snow’s tracking shot through the middle of the Winterfell battlefield.

Having fallen into Ramsay Bolton’s trap, Jon Snow found himself alone on the field against the entire Bolton army. After charging past a wave of arrows, Snow faces against the whole charge of the Bolton cavalry. Just as he is about to make what looks like a last stand, the Stark army swoops in and clashes against the charge. The result is pure chaos on the battlefield, with bodies and swords smashing into each other.

Snow holds his own and a beautifully shot scene shows Snow pushing his way through the battlefield, racking up his kill count. Node found the whole scene to be reminiscent of Blizzard Entertainment’s new competitive, multiplayer game, Overwatch, that they edited the scene to make it look like a “Play of the Game” showcase.

If an Overwatch player strings together a particularly high combo of kills and points in a single moment, they’re prowess is shown off at the end of the match. Jon Snow’s moment in the field was just that sort of play, stringing together four kills in the span of a few seconds. A particularly clever touch is how Node assigned the killed Bolton soldiers a gamer username like “Borrus the Blade” and “Ferp”.

The whole video is really well edited, and you can watch the whole thing below.

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