How to Ruin Your Search History in One Click

A new website can help anyone who is eager to join the country's no-fly list get there faster. Hooray!

Getty Images / Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Ever feel like you’d enjoy being Public Enemy #1 — or at least getting close to that position? Never fear: a new website will run a script and search for some of the weirdest and most dangerous terms on the internet in an attempt to, one might guess, annoy an intern at the FBI. The searches may not put you on any hit lists, but at the very least, they sure are embarrassing.

Promptly after clicking through to the site, the tab cycles through search terms such as “why are my thumbs uneven,” “homemade lube,” and “why doesn’t my poo float?” But things get weird (then dark) pretty quickly with phrases such as “ashley madison hack,” “latest laws incest,” and a search into the country’s age of consent before it ultimately begins a search for ISIS recruitment terms. TheNextWeb’s Bryan Clark decided that this would be a great idea after a light inner debate, and the results are — well — interesting:

This might not be the safest thing on the internet, but for anyone who loves playing it riskier than the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, perhaps this might present an opportunity for amusement. At least, until a SWAT team shows up on your doorstep.