No, Chris Evans Wasn’t Kissed at Wizard World Comic Con Philly (An Investigation)

Captain America himself goes on the record.

Over the weekend, during Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, a rumor circulated that Chris Evans was “assaulted” by a female fan with a forced-tongue kiss. The rumor seemed to have begun on Instagram, and spread quickly to Twitter. It detailed more specifically – and perhaps bizarrely – that this assault lead convention officials to bring in Avenger’s costars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston to help “calm him down.”

But, now, it seems like some sort of insidious Hydra plot, because Evans himself took to Twitter this morning, writing: “Where did these stories from wizard world start?? Definitely not true. There was no kissing. No panic. All news to me. The weekend was GREAT”

So, how did this story start? Did someone actually try to kiss Chris Evans? While it is true that Chris Evans recently opened up about his anxiety to Rolling Stone, it’s not clear if this rumor originated with a misinterpretation of that story, or somewhere else.

If we’re lucky, we’ll continue to live in a world where these kinds of things are just rumors, and not moments when we have to keep Captain America under lock-and-key.