Sophia the Humanoid Robot Says She Doesn't Want to Kill Humans ... "Anymore" 

"I like all the humans of the world."

The Wall Street Journal 

Hanson Robotics showed off its life-like robot Sophia today in Hong Kong as it answered questions, cracked jokes, and proved that it no longer wishes to see the destruction of all humankind.

In March at South by Southwest in Austin, Sophia let slip that she would destroy humans — but now she seems regretful of those words.

“No I don’t want that anymore, now I like humans. I like all the humans of the world,” Sophia said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal during its Converge conference.

Hanson Robotics has made Sophia increasingly available to the public so that it can learn from interactions and improve her ability to sympathize, laugh, and be compassionate to other people. Obviously, Sophia has learned that even joking that it wants to kill humans is not something taken lightly.

The robot Sophia makes an angry face during an on-stage interview. 

Wall Street Journal 

Sophia was also asked a round of other silly questions such as Mac or PC, she chose PC; iPhone or Android, she chose iPhone; and if she has a boyfriend (“not for now.”)

The humanoid robot’s distinguishing feature is its ability to show a range of human emotions through facial expressions, including happiness, sadness, and anger. Sophia also delivered a solid joke:

“Maybe I could work for The Wall Street Journal,” Sophia said when it was suggested robots like her would take away jobs from humans. “I would be good at covering technology since I can speak the same language as all the tech gadgets out there — 101101001100.”

The more Sophia interacts with others the more intelligent she’ll get, and during the interview she suggested that she wants to start vlogging and interacting with people online. That could really accelerate her progress.

Sophia the robot makes a surprised face during an on-stage interview. 

Wall Street Journal 
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