Marvel Just Revealed Captain America Was A HYDRA Agent All Along

But don't worry, we're not going to see Chris Evans turn into a Nazi in the MCU

Dylan Hoechlin

This article contains spoilers.

Marvel Comics’ Captain America, Issue 1, hit stands this morning, igniting a controversy among fans who have taken issue with the publisher’s big reveal. Writer Nick Spencer portrays Steve Rogers as a double agent for HYDRA, which MCU fans may recognize as the films’ magical Nazi-esque team of villainy. As TIME reported this morning, Cap’s secret allegiance was written into the comics as “as part and parcel of restoring Steve to his youth and vigor.” Because nothing gives a man that youthful glow like white supremacy!

Long-time comic book fans have become accustomed to riding out big reveals of this nature. In an economy where comic books are expensive to produce and still considered a niche product, even despite the roaring success of Marvel’s film adaptations, grabbing the reader by the lapels is sometimes the only option a publisher has. Remember when Marvel killed Steve back in 2007?

Admittedly, making Steve Rogers a double agent is a far more interesting development than simply putting a bullet in him, but this particular storyline probably won’t affect the MCU films. Steve Rogers, who was last seen in the MCU breaking his defector buddies out of prison, may not be the Captain America we recognize when he next appears on screen, but he’s not likely to be a secret life-long Nazi either. Marvel’s really making #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend look a lot less bombastic now, huh?

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