The Best Weapons and Armor in 'Fallout 4''s Far Harbor DLC

A collection of tools the new expansion has to offer players. 


Far Harbor is absolutely massive in scale compared to other pieces of downloadable content for Fallout 4. Set on an island off the coast of Maine, the new expansion pits you against a slew of hard choices and enemies along the dangerous environment of the island. As a package, Far Harbor is the best piece of downloadable content for Fallout 4 yet and it’s filled with some of the most interesting equipment in the game so far.

Most of Far Harbor’s weapons and armor sticks to a very basic theme that fits the island. You’ll find gear fashioned out of docking ropes and mismatched metal pieces, tattered robes complimented with leather strips and old military gear stitched together with plates. These are accompanied by poles with rusty fishing hooks, old-fashioned lever-action rifles and handheld tubes designed to shoot giant harpoons into your enemies.

While you’ll be able to obtain most of this gear by playing through the DLC, there are a few unique pieces worth picking up which are a little more difficult to find. Here’s a list of some of our favorites and where you can find them in Far Harbor.

The Striker


Everybody who’s ever played a Fallout game is familiar with the Fat Man, a portable ballistic launcher designed to catapult mini-nuclear bombs across the battlefield. There’s no question about the power of the weapon in-game, but too many times it becomes unreliable due to the rarity of mini-nukes and the power that it holds being useless in close quarters (you know, so you don’t kill yourself). Enter The Striker, a modified Fat Man designed to shoot bowling balls with extreme prejudice.

In order to obtain The Striker, you’ll have to head to Beaver Creek Lanes located just southwest of the starting town of the expansion. Once inside, head through the employees only door down into the service tunnels below the bowling lanes and proceed around the back of the ally. Once you’ve nearly done a full circle head up some stairs to an office where you’ll find The Striker atop an office desk alongside a few bowling balls you can use as ammunition. Remember to spin around and read the entries on the terminal behind you too for a good bit of comedy and the schematic to craft ammunition on your own.

Atom’s Judgement


Arguably the new most powerful melee weapon in the game, Atom’s Judgement is a unique super sledge that deals radiation damage on top of its regular melee damage. The hammer itself has an appearance similar to the regular super sledge, but has four fusion cores comprising the head of the hammer instead of regular steel – these cores are all damaged in order to leak radiation on enemies damaged by the hammer as well. With around 890 radiation damage when paired with a character built for it, human enemies don’t stand a chance no matter how much armor they’re wearing.

In order to obtain Atom’s Judgement, you’ll have to progress far enough in the main quest to reach The Nucleus, an old submarine base owned by the Children of Atom. Once you’ve made it to the base seek out Grand Zealot Richter and agree to help him with the quest: The Heretic. Progress through the quest and make whichever decision you would like regarding Gwyneth’s fate to receive Atom’s Judgement from Richter upon your return.

Rescue Diver Suit


The Rescue Diver suit is arguably one of my favorite pieces from Far Harbor that fits perfectly with the theme of the DLC. A diver suit from the pre-war era, this rusted set of gear looks like something straight out of the mid-1800s that provides you with the ability to breathe underwater. Despite its appearance, the set is actually relatively lightweight and provides you with a hefty amount of radiation resistance while you’re exploring the oceans surrounding the island. It’s also a great alternative to the Aquaboy/Aquagirl perk.

In order to obtain the Rescue Diver Suit, you’ll have to complete every side quest available in the town of Far Harbor. Just walk around the town and accept every quest offered to you by the townspeople. After completing them youll get a quest called The Changing Tide requesting that you return to Avery who will reward you with the suit in return for your assistance.

Marine Combat Armor

Nicholas Bashore

Teased in the Far Harbor trailer, the Marine Combat Armor and Wetsuit are the most valuable pieces of gear you’ll find in the new DLC. The armor itself is a mix of ballistic plates and ammo pouches that can be modified into a few different color schemes at an armor workbench. Even before modifications are crafted onto the armor however, this set is now considered the best in the game due to its extremely high defensive values that are only surpassed by power armor.

In order to obtain the Marine Combat Armor, you’ll have to progress through the main quest up until you retrieve DiMA’s memories from his old data banks. There’s no way to miss this quest, so don’t worry. Once you’ve retrieved these memories you’ll get access to a miscellaneous quest which prompts you to find the Marine Combat Armor shipments scattered about the map. Each of these locations is deep underwater and requires you to complete a bit of underwater navigation which makes the Rescue Diver Suit an amazing tool to have for this quest.