SnapMap is the Saving Grace of ‘DOOM’ Multiplayer

A few days following release, SnapMap creations are already masterpieces.

Nicholas Bashore

DOOM launched this past weekend and, as expected, tons of people are diving into SnapMap: a new feature that allows users to create maps for the DOOM community. The great thing about this feature is that the maps you create are available cross-platform, meaning that ones you create on PC can also be accessed on Xbox One and PS4 (and vice-versa). Unfortunately, cross-network play isn’t supported.

SnapMap allows you to create a wide variety of content you typically wouldn’t find in other level editors, meaning that the possibilities are essentially endless. DOOM gives you the ability to create versus maps, cooperative maps, time trials, or even short single player scenarios that you can share with your friends across platforms. You’ll even get to dictate how enemy A.I. is placed and reacts to the player’s presence during the level. Friendly demons are now available.

Over the weekend, plenty of fantastic creations have already popped up on SnapMap for DOOM players to explore. Among them we’ve found some excellent original DOOM map remasters, alongside a few unique maps that feature tower defense like gameplay mechanics. Relatively speaking though, these maps are actually quite simple – featuring a smaller helping of enemies, weapons and play areas.

SnapMap is surprisingly easy to use on consoles, especially for players who've never meddled with map editors. 

Nicholas Bashore

Naturally, these will expand with time and players become more accustomed to the SnapMap editor, but I can’t help but wonder how the community surrounding DOOM will evolve over the next few months. ID has provided gamers with plenty of tools and unlocks to work within SnapMap for incentive, which may be enough to keep players active. That said, though, by separating SnapMap into a different category instead of including it in the base multiplayer when it comes to progression seems like a strange move.

As many have already said: the strength of DOOM as a game lies in its excellent single player campaign. The multiplayer component however, which they plan to expand with a $40 season pass, is lacking in both speed and content which thankfully SnapMap expands upon in a monumental way. It’ll be interesting to see if we receive additional tools for SnapMap with every new expansion in the season pass too, although Bethesda has yet to say anything on the matter.

But will legitimate map creators overpower the one-hallway trolling standard? We’ll just have to wait.