Watch a Russian Medieval Reenactor Chuck a Spear at a Drone

The iron-y.

Беспилок над Липеком

A drone filming a Russian medieval festival met a fitting demise when a reenactor in a full knight’s costume brought it with the end of a spear. Luckily, the drone’s footage remained in tact, giving us an incredible view of not only the spearing but also of one of the stranger gatherings ever caught on camera. The violent drone destruction occurs at the beginning of the Youtube video, but, at the end of the festival, there is plenty of of old-time partying, rugby-like games, and, of course, Russians pretending to wage medieval war against one another.

Clearly though, these reenactors are doing something right, because the throw that brought down the drone was not easy. Hovering about 20 feet over the heads of the party-goers, the drone catches sight briefly of a man jutting through the crowd, only to be felled by the hurtling missile.

The drone didn’t stand a chance, but the good news is maybe some of the more elaborate anti-drone technology developed in recent months may not be necessary after all. Who needs to blast disabling radio waves across the sky, fire nets, or to train eagles to capture drones, when an old-fashioned man with a spear will do the trick just fine?

The video definitely makes clear that drones may be the future, but spears are timeless.