There Can't Be a 'Deadpool' Honest Trailer Without Deadpool Himself

'Deadpool' Honest Trailer tries to out-Honest Trailer the actual trailer. 


ScreenJunkies just released its Honest Trailer for Deadpool, a gimmick that required calling big guns thanks to the fact that the film’s actual trailer basically stole the SJ schtick.

Sure, it’s meta to get the Merc with the Mouth to criticize a trailer that was self-critical, but as the irreverent superhero victim notes, “It’s kind of my thing.”

In the video below, Honest Trailers gets in a few jabs at the wildly popular movie and even more jabs at Wolverine. Watch Deadpool compete with Epic Voice to more hilariously skewer his own film — it’s got “more dick jokes than you can shake a sack full of dicks at” —but also get over the top defensive as ScreenJunkies calls it “a by-the-numbers revenge plot we’ve seen a million times.”

Andy Signore, who runs the series, took to the Twittersphere a few months ago to convince Ryan Reynolds to participate. He activated ScreenJunkies’ massive fanbase — it has over 5 million followers — to convince Reynolds to do it. I can’t imagine it was hard considering how much Reynolds loves this character and how gleefully he has gotten in character to promote it. Obviously he obliged, and the results should delight any fan who wants more of Deadpool’s ultra-sardonic, ultra-vulgar, and ultra-meta humor.

They even address the fact that the film trailer was basically already an Honest Trailer. “Now can I listen to you do the honest names? You know, the bit you do at the end of your videos that we, quote, borrowed.”

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