For Some Reason, Budweiser Designed a VR Headset That Holds Beer

You know, because drinking beer while playing a virtual reality game will definitely work out especially well for you.


In an era where virtual reality gameplay is available in several forms — the high-powered Oculus Rift, mobile headsets like Samsung’s, and even Google Cardboard’s basic offerings through VR-enabled apps — it wasn’t going to take long before what started as an innocent innovation deteriorated into something cheap. No, we don’t mean porn in virtual reality, though that option is definitely a bit more cultured than, say, virtual reality goggles that can hold cans of beer.

Unable to disappoint the thirsty masses who undoubtedly wanted this precise contraption but never asked for it, Budweiser and the Cleveland Cavaliers have teamed up with DoDoCase VR to create a delightfully whimsical Google Cardboard-like experience. Properly called the Beer Goggles, it has two spots for two cans of beer, making it the “world’s first beverage carrying virtual reality headset.”

The contraption was created for this week’s game that pits the Cavaliers against the Atlanta Hawks, the exclusive app contains a locker room tour, player interviews, a courtside view of the National Anthem being performed, and an introduction to the Cavs’ “DunkSquad”. After the game, all of the videos will be available on Budweiser’s YouTube channel, reports Forbes.


The headset was only given to the first 750 fans to arrive at the game, meaning that anyone else looking to stare at their phones during the game would have to do it the old-fashioned way.