Chinese UBTECH Robotics Wins Guinness World Record for Simultaneous Dancing Robots

They were all doing the robot.

Guinness World Records; Youtube

Doing the robot has a different meaning when it’s 540 mini storm troopers boogying in perfect harmony. In those numbers, even children’s toys come off as a little creepy, resembling a rally of warriors more bent on taking over the planet than beating a world record.

Nevertheless, UBTECH Robotics Corp. can now claim the Guinness World Record for largest simultaneous robot dance after arranging 540 mechanical dancers for a live broadcast on CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala. Set to music played by a human, not a robot, outdoors on a stage devoid of living, breathing fans, the dance was decidedly not a signal of the coming robot invasion, but it’s hard to watch it and not think of some kind of jazzercised “Imperial March.”

The robots are only about knee-high, and we could probably take them if it came down to it. But the dance does show a level of organization humans have never been able to achieve. With a synchrony high school dance troupes could only dream of reaching, the robots execute their moves with precision and clarity, a dark, mechanical grimace permanently etched onto their artificial faces.

We aren’t doubting UBTECH’s good intentions with the dance. And we honestly aren’t worried that this is the do-good robotic corporation that inadvertently develops a breed of robo-warriors too advanced for humanity to defeat like in dozens of science fiction movies. After all, these 540 robots were just programmed to do the funky chicken, right?

Check out the Guinness Award-winning dance now, while you still have your freedom.

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